About Us

Lead wedding and engagement photographer based in Coeur d’ Alene, ID adventuring around Farragut State Park

Lead Photographer & Designer

Hey there! Its me Hannah Smith, the person in the above photograph! ;) First things first... I am so awful at describing myself, but I thought I would give it a try. I am the lead photographer behind the camera, the one who is constantly asking her hubby to pull over on the side of the road because I see a tree or field that I love and that would look unbelievably gorgeous for a session. I enjoy going on walks with my husband and finding the beauty in what may not make the cut in other peoples eyes. My personality is Introvert and Extrovert both having major parts in my life. The Extrovert in me really comes out when I am behind the camera at weddings or talking with all the amazing couples that we adventure with. While the Introvert in me comes out with large groups or crowds, I love relaxing and people watching as others make all the laughs. 

I am a proud mother to our two fur ball Corgis! They are such a handful and absolutely love to be the center of attention, on special occasions they join us for our Lifestyle sessions! 

My favorite dessert is between Macaroons or a Green Goddess smoothie from Jitterz coffee stand. My two favorite seasons are Spring (for the amazing flowers and rainy days where we get to take naps and listen to the rain patter on the roof, haha) & Fall (the trees here in North Idaho are so AMAZING when they are all orange, red, yellow, purple)! One of my favorite activities to do, is get in the car with my three favorite boys and drive to find a new spot. A question I get asked quite frequently is “how do you find these locations, I have been here for 10 years and never knew this was here?”. Well now you know :) I am just obsessed with finding that new and perfect location just for your session booked with me.

Second Photographer and Drone Pilot for Real Estate ariel photographs in Coeur d Alene, Idaho

Second Photographer & Drone Pilot

My favorite fur baby sitting on a chair in the living room

Human Resources

This is our little man Rosco (AKA HR), he is one of the fur balls that will great you at the door when meeting us at our Home Studio. He loves long walks, going for car rides, and playing catch with the frisbee. He sheds enough for 3 dogs (but we LOVE him just the same) and is a wonderful part of our family.



Head of Security

This is our little guy Hopscotch (AKA Head of Security), he is the other fur ball that will great you at the door when meeting us at our Home Studio. He loves nibbling on fingers, chasing his brother, and sleeping everywhere and anywhere. Hopps is a spunky little guy that will definitely let you know when he needs more attention (which is ALL the time)!

Our Story

Husband and Wife holding hands during Vow Renewal in Ireland at an ancient ruins.

Where we began...

Robert and I have been married since July 20, 2013 but our love for each other began long before then!  Having known each other since 5th grade has allowed our relationship to immerse its roots deep into our soul which provides us with such a strong foundation for our marriage. We have experienced so much of life together already: riding bikes to school, homecoming, prom, high school graduation, college, and so much more. Robert popped the question on December 8th, 2012 at the Post Falls Dam which was our first official date when we were just 16 years old. We live in beautiful Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and absolutely love and immerse ourselves in all things, Pacific Northwest. If you were to look into our regional destination dream world,  you will find our leaning is the gorgeous and lush Oregon Coast- we yearn for that magnificent ocean with the breeze running through our hair. 

The second best choice we have ever made was getting married, yet the first was choosing to follow God in all aspects of our life. He is the reason that we started this journey to capture and celebrate life's moments with others. It is God who has blessed us with meeting so many new friends, and it has been our pleasure to hear many of their stories of love, joy, and equal commitment to Him as well.

Husband and Wife snuggle during anniversary session on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland