Mr. & Mrs. Speer

These two lovelies made everything about their wedding day so personal and intimate! The family and friends that came to this spectacular Lake House to witness these two tie the knot was so perfect! Laura is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and makes for one stunning Bride! Two weeks after their wedding they were to move down to Texas which made it even more of an honor that she chose us to tell their Love Story!

Photography Team: Hannah Smith Design | Gown: Honest In Ivory | Florist: Schuh Box Floral | Rentals: Lake City Rentals & A-Z Rentals | Cake Designer: Pastries and More | Caterer: Drummin’ Up BBQ | Hair Stylist: Lashes by Dominique

Eric & Laura | Engagement Session

From the very moment we met these two cuties I knew we were in for the best afternoon ever! The second they stepped out of their vehicle they were beaming with joy! It reminded me of “why I do, what I do”, this is precisely why I love my job! I get to work with some of the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL people in this world. To be able to share in such a perfect moment is an honor to say the least, and for Eric and Laura to trust us to tell their Love Story. O man! Do not get me started about their wedding in little under a month…I am going to cry like a baby. Their love for each other and playful hearts gives me all the feels from the movie the Notebook. I mean come on… how did we get so lucky to have the perfect location at Farragut State Park and to have a rain storm with these two babes! Complete Awww!

Derek & Kelsey

As a child did you ever imagine who your soulmate would be as an adult? Who would stand by you till the ends of the Earth!? Who will take care of you when physically sick, emotionally hurt, or just burdened by the everyday life. That special person is worth his/her weight in gold and should be cherished for everything that they are. That is one of the many reasons that I absolutely treasure what I do! I get to see this amazing feeling we call Love, and tell each couples story. I love the giggles they make, the weird faces they throw at each other, and how their love comes to life right before my eyes.

A Windy Day's Maternity Session

I have known this little beauty since the day she was born. A little back story on that… Hours before she made her first entrance I was only about 6 years old. I was in school when my teacher told me the news that my momma went into labor with my future Sister. That whole day I could not focus because I was so worried…with that being said I can now say with much humility that during class I ran out into the hallway and threw up. In front of so many kids!!!

So here is to you Sis, I love you with all my heart! I cannot wait to meet my nephew and be the BEST Aunt this world has ever seen. When he grows up we are gonna play Dog, Horse, and Tiger like we did as kids, but this time I promise to always be the horse and let him be the rider. Hahaha! I will protect him as my own and Love him as Christ loves us. You are so strong and can do anything that you put your mind to. Be kind, be strong, and be your BEST self.

Coffee & Macaroon's

When planning your engagement session I always love hearing what it is that you as a couple enjoy or what brought you together. I want to bring out every couples love and how you see it through your eyes, because, Heck! That is why you chose me as your photographer! If you absolutely LOVE a meadow on your way to work and you have dreamt of running through it like you read about in fairy tales, I am your girl! Let’s find your Spot and make your Love Story come to life!!

Adventure Session on the Shores of Lake Ponderay

As a photographer I would say the thing that I hear most from the general public is that they wish they had wedding pictures they really LOVED! That they didn’t have the money nor the time to go somewhere they really dreamt of going to or hiring an amazing photographer to truly capture their Love Story. What if I told you that even after your wedding you can still have those fairy tale pictures at a destination so amazing and glorious!!! We offer Adventure Sessions which is a session where you get in your wedding get up (or other formal option) again and go to a destination that will ABSOLUTELY blow your mind! Most brides that are planning a wedding don’t necessarily have the time to hike up a mountain top for gorgeous sunset shots or down in a canyon because I found an unbelievably stunning waterfall. These are my most favorite sessions, they are so unique, adventurous (hence the name Adventure Session, haha), and designed specifically for each couple! There is no reason that you cannot have the wedding pictures that you wanted hanging up in your new home or to send to distant relatives that couldn’t make it to your ceremony. We want to adventure with you and make magic happen! If this is you don’t hesitate to reach out to see what these sessions include and where we travel to.