Mr. & Mrs. Mercado

Whats a wedding without elegance and a dash of rustic! These two cuties tied the knot in front of family and friends and gave it such a special touch of their relationship. One of my favorite things as being a photographer is that I get to see and hear the moments that most other people do not even know are happening. During their ceremony they read vows to just each other so that no-one else could hear, and while I won’t repeat anything that I heard (Bride & Groom to Photographer confidentiality, haha). I will tell you this… Brandi and Davin were made for each other, they compliment each other with the love in their eyes and in their hearts. It was an honor to be able to share the day with them and their guest! So here is to you Davy, hahaha…I apologize for squishing your names together for basically the whole day (I could not get it right for the life of me), you two are awesome, Congratulations, and we cannot wait to see where your journey leads you both!!