Mr. & Mrs. Smith

First off I just want to Congratulate my Uncle Randy and our newest member to the family, Aunt Lynette on tying the knot on August 4th!

They chose to celebrate their day at the family barn which added the special touch to this amazing union of people and it couldn't have been better. Having family and friends surround them in prayer during their ceremony was a moment that will last Forever. Thank you Randy & Lynette for choosing us to capture such an amazing day, we love you both, and send the best wishes for your years to come. 


The moment I love the most when working with mothers-to-be is asking them to put their arms around their belly and just be close to your little one. 100% of time I catch the most genuine, hopeful, in love smile I have ever seen!! It truly is a moment that could not be more beautiful and just perfect! The sacrifice that mothers make gives me chills right down to the bone. I mean, how wonderful is it that they get to be so close to their little one. Here is to all of the Expecting Mothers, Mothers, & Grandmothers you guys are seriously the coolest and the heroes of the world!!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen

Through the years I have been asked by quite a few people "how many back yard weddings do you see?" and I am always saying more than half are done in backyards! Guys we live in North Idaho, almost every backyard has the most breathtaking views of mountains, prairie, lakes, rivers, etc. It is what make Idaho weddings so awesome and memorable!! Plus I love seeing where the Bride or Groom grew up and now being able to get married at.

This couple did just that, every part of their wedding was personalized to them and their family which was absolutely amazing!! The love that they have for each other is what most people dream for and it was such an honor for us to capture. Here is to Brian & Kelsey, Congratulations again you two! We cannot wait to see where life's journey will take you and your adorable pups!!

Mr. & Mrs. Nowoj

I seriously cannot get over how in love I am with everything about this wedding! Everything from the rainy weather which lasted from sun up to sun down, the Bridal Party dresses & suits, and her specially designed gown from Marcella's Bridal. 

Also, a serious shout out to everyone who was at the wedding and endured the rain! Yes it was wet, but it felt as though there was a certain calm that rushed over everyone as Shannon walked down the aisle to meet her soon to be hubby. The look that Jake gave as he saw her was absolutely perfect and was such an honor to capture in a still moment! I cannot wait to see all of their amazing adventures in the years to come! So here is to Mr. & Mrs. Nowoj, may you have many wonderful years together!!!